Download HaxorScan 1.0 Multi Tools For Scan Website Informations With Python - TERMUX TUTORIAL

Download HaxorScan 1.0 Multi Tools For Scan Website Informations With Python

Tools It's Supported By Terminal Command Prompt For Windows, We Publish At 01 - 12 -2017, Thanks To Friends Who Supported This Project

Supported With Command Features:

- Admin Panel Finder 

Admin Panel is a place where Administrators can manage and manage site content.

Command Usage : 01

- Dork

dork is really lazy, but here is dork itself is GOOGLE DORK (s). I can guess, surely if when you search on google with keyword "Tutorial Carding" while reading the tutorial you will find the words "Dork". Yes, actually dork itself is a weapon / tools heking * gubraakk: v that can be created by everyone with only creative brain mind, if you already know a little about dork, surely you assume dork itself point is to find targets for SQLi, Deface, etc. As inurl bla..bla..bla, intext bla..bla..bla, allinurl bla..bla..bla, + site: .bla..bla..bla .

Command Usage : 02

- Whois Lookup

Whois or voiced "who is" is used to get domain specific information such as domain name, ip address, name server and age domain. Whois lookup is a command line based application used to query against whois database.

Command Usage : 03

- Port Scanner

In the TCP / IP network protocol, a port is a mechanism that allows a computer to support multiple connection sessions with other computers and programs on the network. Ports can identify applications and services that use connections within the TCP / IP network.

Command Usage : 04

- Robots.txt Finder 

Robots.txt is a file at the root of your site that shows the inside of a site you are not allowed to be accessed by search engine crawlers. Files use the Robot Exclusion Standard, which is a protocol with a small set of commands that can be used to indicate access to sites by section and based on certain types of web crawlers (such as mobile crawlers vs. desktop crawlers).

Command Usage : 05

- Proxy Checker

The definition of proxy is a server that provides a service to forward any user requests to other servers contained on the internet. Or another proxy server definition is a server or computer program that has a role as a liaison between a computer with the internet.

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