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Download CPScanner Admin Login Page Finder With Python Script - Update

Admin Login Page Finder

Admin login page finder cpscan - 
Python is a multipurpose interpretative programming language [9] with a design philosophy that focuses on code readability. [10] Python is claimed as a language that combines capability, capability, with very clear code syntax, [11] and comes with a large and comprehensive standard library functionality.

Python supports multi-paradigm programming, primarily; but not limited; on object-oriented programming, imperative programming, and functional programming. One of the features available on python is as a dynamic programming language that comes with automatic memory management. As with other dynamic programming languages, python is commonly used as a scripting language although in practice the use of this language is broader including the context of utilization that is not generally done using scripting languages. Python can be used for various software development purposes and can run on various operating system platforms.

Currently python code can run on various operating system platforms, some of which are:

Linux / Unix

Mac OS X
Java Virtual Machine
OS / 2

Symbian (for Nokia products)

Running : 

Usage : -t -v

Download Here

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